My Recent Interview For Brainz Magazine

Kim-adele Randall for Brainz Magazine

My recent interview for Brainz Magazine TEDx Speaker And Business Strategist On Authentic Achievements –originally posted on Brainz Magazine Kim-Adele Randall is a renowned business consultant, international bestselling author, inspirational keynote speaker, and proud mum, coupling 25 years in the corporate world with lessons she has garnered throughout her journey to help others achieve sustainable … Read more

Inspiring Leadership for Optimal Business Performance

inspiring leadership for optimal business performance

Inspiring Leadership for Optimal Business Performance The importance of inspiring leadership in business cannot be understated. In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world, businesses need leaders who can inspire and motivate their teams and drive them to achieve great things. In addition, these leaders must be capable of communicating effectively and emotionally with their team members, as … Read more