My Recent Interview For Brainz Magazine

Kim-adele Randall for Brainz Magazine

My recent interview for Brainz Magazine

TEDx Speaker And Business Strategist On Authentic Achievements –originally posted on Brainz Magazine

Kim-Adele Randall is a renowned business consultant, international bestselling author, inspirational keynote speaker, and proud mum, coupling 25 years in the corporate world with lessons she has garnered throughout her journey to help others achieve sustainable transformation for professional and personal success. She is currently writing the forthcoming book Authentic Achievements The 7 Secrets to Building Brave Belief, Unstoppable Sales, and Turning Your Leaders Into Talent Magnets for Guaranteed Sustainable Growth, based on her experience delivering those results for organisations including Sage and Barclay’s Bank.

Kim-Adele Randall, Kim Adele Ltd

Introduce yourself! Please tell us about you and your life, so we can get to know you better.

With over 25 years of corporate experience, I took the plunge and became an entrepreneur to find a better balance between work and home. As a mum to my amazing 6-year-old and our beloved pup Pudding, every day has become wonderfully adventurous! We love travelling together, trying out new recipes in the kitchen or simply learning something new. These moments have strengthened our bond as a family and become catalysts to achieving personal growth while creating lifelong memories that we will cherish forever. The most wonderful takeaway from motherhood for me is having learned invaluable lessons about leadership that come with believing that anything you or your team set your heart on is possible.

What is your business name, and how do you help your clients?

My business is called Authentic Achievements. Established four years ago, business owners have the power to change the world. We’re here to help them do just that by providing expert coaching and advisory services based on our 25 years of experience in corporate life.

Business growth is about having the courage to build something unique and being relentless in your pursuit of success.

We take a proven methodology and track record and empower business owners build brave belief, have unstoppable sales and turn their leaders into talent magnets for guaranteed sustainable growth to build the business of their dreams.

What kind of audience do you target your business towards?

Entrepreneurs that are looking to take their business to a whole new level. All too often, entrepreneurs get stuck because all roads seem to lead back to them, and they end up so busy firefighting they need help getting to the strategy of building the business. Sadly 50% of companies fail in the first five years, with over half putting it down to a lack of an appropriate business model, leaving the owners drowning in the details.

I’ve been there too. I used to be stuck working in the business, not working on it, leading teams that seemed to need help understanding the challenges or looking for opportunities to succeed.

I changed that by implementing the systems, infrastructure and team development that gave me growth, profitability and control whilst removing the day-to-day dependency on me. Imagine being able to run your business in a few hours a week and develop your people to do the same, resulting in guaranteed sustainable growth – now you can make it your reality.

Who inspires you to be the best that you can be?

So many things inspire me in life; my little girl is my north star; watching her curiosity, growing confidence, and thirst for knowledge helped me to understand the importance of optimizing the present to accelerate the results. I’ve also been very fortunate to meet some outstanding individuals, and the constant has been it isn’t the mistake that defines us; it’s what we do with that mistake, and by understanding it is a lesson, we use it as the springboard to our future.

What is your work inspired by?

I believe in the power of people. Once we understand what is important to our colleagues, clients and company & how we can help them to achieve it, we become unstoppable.

People are at the heart of every successful business; no matter how much technology advances, we are all fundamentally human. When our colleagues, clients and company are listened to, understood, and respected, we create a power that can’t be ignored. Understanding the importance of these values creates an environment that makes us genuinely unstoppable; it fosters an atmosphere built on authenticity, trust, honesty, engagement and success.

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your life that brought you to where you are today.

One of the most pivotal moments in my life is one I share in my recent TEDx entitled turning fear into hope ‒ building brave belief. You can watch it here.

In it, I share it was at one of the lowest points of my life that I received the gift of swapping judgement for curiosity and that there is always more than one way to look at the present. The lesson has enabled me to do things I never dreamed I could achieve and, more importantly, has given me the knowledge to help others to achieve what they thought might be impossible. I’ve used this knowledge to help businesses break through their barriers, seeing one organization struggling to get through the half-a-million-a-month barrier now achieving twice that with ease. It’s such a joy to see the impact sharing our beliefs has on others.

What are the top 3 tips you’d give anyone looking to start, run and grow a business today?

Starting and running a business today can be daunting, but you can set your enterprise up for success with the proper knowledge and resources.

  1. Have a clear vision and mission. Building a successful business begins with clearly understanding why you’re doing it – what is the purpose of your business, who will benefit from it, and how will it make an impact? A well-defined vision and mission statement will give you direction and focus as you move forward.
  2. Focus on customer needs. Every successful business must know its customers – what they want and need and how you can serve them better than anyone else. By understanding customer needs and wants, you can tailor your products or services to meet those needs more effectively.
  3. Invest in yourself and your people. Growing a business takes hard work, dedication, and passion – but it also takes the right tools and resources. By investing in development by attending workshops or seminars that can help improve marketing, automation or finance skills or joining industry organizations, you build valuable connections to potential partners or customers.

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