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Authentic Achievements – Constantly Curious Newsletter
June Edition

Dear Constantly Curious Reader,

As we prepare to leave the vibrant month of June, we’re excited to continue our exploration of leadership, technology, and business growth.

This month has been eventful, with highlights including the launch of La Farm in beautiful Palma with the fabulous Jayne Archbold and attending The Women of the Year Awards Alumni event in association with Newnham College. The event featured a thought-provoking debate on ‘The Power Of Making Trouble In The Most Constructive Way,’ led by keynote speaker Her Honour Judge Anuja Dhir, Lady Lavender KC, chaired by Julie Etchingham, and joined by panellists Sophy Antrobus PhDDr Amy Atkinson FRSA, and Laura Jackson.

Additionally, I attended a celebration of life for my late father, where I was deeply moved by the many lives he had touched. It was a poignant reminder of the work ethic and values he instilled in our family.

In this edition of Authentic Achievements—Constantly Curious, I have gathered the lessons and insights from this past month to bring you a collection of insightful articles and resources designed to inspire, inform, and empower you on your journey to success. It also includes insightful and inspiring interviews with Walt Hampton, J.D.Shawn Lesser, and Professor Shivani Sharma. Enjoy!

Harnessing the Power of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

📈 Feature Article: “Harnessing the Power of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership”

In our lead article, we delve into the critical role of emotional intelligence in effective leadership. Discover how developing self-awareness, empathy, and social skills can transform your leadership approach and foster a positive organisational culture.

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🔍 Technology Spotlight: “The Impact of Blockchain on Business Operations”

Blockchain technology is no longer confined to cryptocurrencies. Learn how blockchain revolutionises business operations across various industries by enhancing transparency, security, and efficiency. Explore practical applications and strategic benefits of incorporating blockchain into your business processes.

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Leadership Insights: Mastering the Art of Delegation
Delegation concept. Silhouettes drawn on sheets and arrows.

👥 Leadership Insights: “Mastering the Art of Delegation”

Effective delegation is vital to maximising productivity and empowering your team. Our leadership insights this month focus on the art of delegation, providing you with actionable strategies to delegate tasks efficiently, build trust, and enhance team performance.

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strategic planning
Strategic Planning concept on the gearwheels, 3D rendering

📊 Business Growth Toolkit: “Strategic Planning for Sustainable Growth”

Achieving sustainable growth requires strategic planning and foresight. This month’s toolkit provides actionable guidance and tools to develop a strategic growth plan that aligns with your organisation’s vision, values, and objectives. Empower your team with the insights to chart a course for long-term success.

Check out the Toolkit

Book Recommendation: “The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses” by Eric Ries is a must-read for entrepreneurs and business leaders. This book is a treasure trove of lean methodology principles that can drive innovation, improve efficiency, and build sustainable businesses. By reading it, you’ll feel more informed and equipped to tackle business growth challenges.

Tool of the Month: Slack—This versatile messaging platform Enhances team communication and collaboration. With features like channels for different teams or projects, direct messaging for one-on-one conversations, and file sharing for easy document exchange, Slack can streamline workflows and keep everyone connected, no matter where they are. It also integrates with other tools, making it a central hub for your team’s work.

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Authentic Achievements Podcast

You might also enjoy our podcast for insightful conversations with extraordinary individuals. This month, we were delighted to have interviews with Walt Hampton, Shawn Lesser, and Professor Shivani Sharma. In these interviews, we discuss their unique perspectives on leadership, technology, and business growth.

I wish you a successful and fulfilling month ahead!

Warm regards,

Kim-Adele and the Authentic Achievements – Constantly Curious Team

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