Business problems solved podcast | Mindset Masterclass – with Nat Schooler and Kim Adele

This week I had the privilege of guesting on the Business Problems Solved Podcast alongside the fabulous Nat Schooler and our amazing host Lee Houghton

Lee kindly wrote this about the episode:

This week, it’s a masterclass in mindset as lee meets Nat and Kim from MasterMindSet, a “New Learning Foundation For Leadership: Different by Design Delivering C-Suite Executives the Skills, Strategies & Networks to Lead in the 2020s and Beyond”.

Nat and Kim talk about the things they’ve learned from helping others, the dangers of a blame culture, and how trust can energise your business relationships.


Everyone makes mistakes in business and life. We must seek to establish a culture that does not place reliance on blame.

We establish trust by trusting others. The best way to operate is to trust without reserve, and only withdraw that trust if we are let down. We do no favours to anyone by being guarded from the off.

Always trust your heart and your gut feeling. Your inner voice can usually identify things that your conscious mind cannot.

By keeping your mind open, you can learn from everyone each day, and develop into a better version of yourself.


‘I’ve learned so much about communication’

‘Amateurs complete and professionals partner’

‘Anyone who says they’re perfect is just lying’

‘It’s not the mistake that defines you’

kim adele


Business Problems Solved Podcast

MasterMindSet –


Lee Houghton is “THE Business Problem Solver”, a Management Consultant, CX Specialist and Keynote Speaker.

For the last 15 years, he has been a multi-sector internal or external business improvement consultant, building the improved capability of individuals, teams and businesses. Check out the rest of the series here

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with my two young children Jack & India and listening to and reading business & personal development material.

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It is always a delight to meet like minded people and talk about the power of mindset and how mastering your mindset is crucial to your success.

As discussed in my previous blog When you learn to be kind to yourself and learn to like yourself, you cut through the noise to master your self-talk and you see the true power of your thinking. I believe that your greatest gift in life is to lend your belief because if you lend others your belief, they can find their own. For me, everything in life is either a lesson, a blessing or both and she says you don’t learn the lesson, life repeats it for you until you do!

Emotional Intelliegence

I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to hear, watch and read some wonderful authors and speakers such as; Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek, Brene Brown, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith etc. In my eyes, these people are all their own brand ambassadors due to the way they have mastered their own mindsets. Their belief in their own potential and the belief they have in other people’s ability to find their path has inspired me.

They have all found their niche and they are constantly striving to improve themselves each day.

Being kind to yourself is a wonderful mindset that helps you enjoy life more and feel less stressed. Empathy is all about observing behaviour in others instead of making judgements on them based on your own mindset. The one thing that really helped me was developing the right mindset and learning to be empathetic towards other people and their thoughts, ideas and approach. At our base we all want to be listened to, understood and respected, when we do this for others we both GROW.

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