S1 – EP2: DOWNSIZING ON A DOUBLE BUBBLE with Kim Adele and Rahim Gulamali

downsizing on a double bubble

S1 – EP2: DOWNSIZING ON A DOUBLE BUBBLE with Kim Adele and Rahim Gulamali

Here is what host Rahim Galamali had to say

This week we talk you through some useful tools to help you navigate better through Downsizing, reengineering and redesign. Let us start with some insights: Almost 50% of executives in the US, expect to invest more in 2021 whilst in the EU only 16% expect to be able to invest. Most executives expect to be reengineering and will critically need to look at the skillset of their people. Unemployment rates in the EU are stable, we have fewer bankruptcies. The support our Governments put in place seems to help. At the same time, there is a lot of talk about Zombie companies.

Companies that will not survive when the support stops. For you as a leader, these are challenging times. For your people, difficult times may be the result of your restructuring. The question then is, How Do I Downsize On A Double Bubble? This week my guest is Kim Adele.

Kim is a former Executive/Boardmember, an internationally bestselling author, keynote speaker, and master coach in the area of cultural change AND motivation. She has led teams with empathy and trust throughout her career and now coaches executives and business leaders in Cultural Change.

In this episode, Kim shares insights into the triggers and subsequent tools you as a leader possess to manage your organisation through reengineering. If you want to learn more about Kim.

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