My LeaderHERship Global interview – Reframing your thinking in three easy steps

LeaderHERship Global
My LeaderHERship Global interview – Reframing your thinking in three easy steps

LeadHERship Global is network of successful global leaderscoming together to enable us to transform global leadership. By embracing the various global leadership styles they are empowering leaders to set a global leader example.

In my LeadHERship global interview I talk about reframing the mind.

As we shift our thinking about our situation, there is a change in emotional tone and the meaning that we give to our life circumstances. We can choose to move our experience from a negative frame to a more hopeful one, filled with opportunities. This process of reframing allows us an expanded view of our reality.

One of the skills to help us develop as mature, resilient individuals is that of reframing. When we change our point of view on any given situation, the facts remain the same, but a deliberate shift is made in how we see it.

Reframing requires seeing something in a new way, in a context that allows us to recognize and appreciate positive aspects of our situation. Reframing helps us to use whatever life hands us as opportunities to be taken advantage of, rather than problems to be avoided. Breakdowns are transformed into challenges and new possibilities to experience life more fully and to become a more whole human being.

Kim-Adele Platts, leadership coach, bestselling author and keynote speaker will explain how we can replace dismal, energy-stealing thoughts with more responsible ones, such as: “I think there must be something important for me to learn here.” In three easy steps, Kim will explain how to reframe problems as challenges, and challenges into opportunities!

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