SHE. Inspired Podcast A Jigsaw Puzzle without The Box

SHE. Inspired Podcast A Jigsaw Puzzle Without The Box

SHE. Inspired host Lorna Moran wrote:

If Kim-Adele Platts were to write her memoirs, the title would be: 3 Divorces And A Stalker: The Journey From Hairdresser To CEO Can Be Bumpy. When she says she’s had “a colourful life apprenticeship” she isn’t kidding. Her life experiences have been nothing short of incredible. Through her journey transitioning from the hair salon to the boardroom, she’s become an expert at unearthing, examining and flipping limiting beliefs. For example, she’s had a MENSA certificate sitting in a box for most of her adult life because, as she puts it, “it didn’t align with her story” of who she believed herself to be … (fortunately that certificate is now framed and on her wall!) Kim-Adele knows imposter syndrome like the back of her hand. She also knows how to use kindness, compassion and visualization to release it and thrive. It’s no surprise then, she’s found her calling as a Legacy Leadership Coach working with C-Suite and Board leaders to lead with kindness, courage, humanity. Kim-Adele talks openly and gracefully about her colourful life, including both the experiences which brought her to her knees and those which lifted her back to her feet. I love how she describes life as a jig-saw puzzle without the box: you don’t get to see the whole picture, she says, you just have to keep looking at the pieces and surrender to the knowing that your journey is perfect, you have everything you need and you are worthy just as you are.

To learn more about Kim-Adele’s work, visit her at: Follow her on Instagram And Linked In.

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