Business Growth Tips After Lockdown. ( Kim Adele )

Business Growth Tips After Lockdown. ( Kim Adele )

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► ABOUT THIS CURRENT EPISODE In this episode, I will be having a chat with Kim Adele. Kim Adele is a Legacy Leadership and Business Coach, she will be sharing with us a couple of tips relating to business growth. Kim will be giving us more guidances relating to strategies , planning and how business owners can take their business to the next level as we come out of the COVID19 lockdown.

► ABOUT KIM ADELE Kim Adele is a highly experienced transformational business leader, and executive coach. She has operated in organisations in different sectors to provide leadership to transform them through improved efficiency, new business growth and cultural change. She can take on executive roles to resolve all types of organisational issues to provide sustainable positive change. She is experienced in working in large and complex organisations and working environments and finding creative ways to improve performance. Want to find out more about Kim Adele 👉🏼 Instagram @kimadele10… Contact: Kim-Adele Platts Telephone: 07500 081 318 Email: Website: .  

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