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Global Futurist Podcast.

Future Podcast was created by Neil Skehel alongside his businesses and where he met hosts Kim-Adele Platts (Judge at the awards) and Luke Murfitt (Winner of entrepreneur of the year)

The mission of The Global Futurists Podcasts is to provide engaging interviews with specialists from around the world who can talk with authority about the future of business and life and a positive mindset.

Global Futurist – Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE

This week on Global Futurist our amazing VIP guest is the fabulous Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE Dr Yvonne is a Game changer, campaigner, activist, she has over 35 years, experience in the Communications, Marketing and PR industry, advising corporates, public sector, educational establishments and government championing equality, diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.

Honoured by Queen Elizabeth II, and received 2 doctorates for her work in the Entrepreneurship, Global Diversity and Equality arena, she was recently nominated for and accepted into the prestigious St George’s House, Leadership organisation based at Windsor Castle, Windsor, and was

invested with an Honorary Fellowship by Kings College University London, January 2020.

She has published her first leadership book, “7 Traits of Highly Successful Women on Boards”, promoting the path to and greater gender and race diversity in company boardrooms. Here she shares her journey so far and the lessons and tips she has learnt along the way. Find out more at and

Global Futurist – Mitali Chopra

This week Global Futurist amazing guest is the fabulous Mitali Chopra. Mitali is a seasoned business leader and runs her own business coaching practise based in London. She works with startup founders, SMEs and business leaders at large corporates in areas of business growth and leadership development.

She has 20 years of rich and versatile experience in Strategy, Sales &Marketing Operations, Process excellence, IT consulting and Program Management. The majority of the work experience is with global companies like PwC, Microsoft, GE & GoDaddy where she has been a high potential talent and has held senior leadership roles across India, UK and EMEA.

She has been instrumental in building scalable processes to support business growth and leading and coaching teams to deliver results and customer impact. She is the recipient of the London Coach Award– for Best Client results 2017 & 2019 and very recently won the UK Coach of the year for Best Client results. Her success story has been published in leading publications like Daily mail and BFA. She is part of World’s No. 1 Executive Coach Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches program which is a selected group of international coaches being mentored by Marshall himself.

Here she shares her journey so far the lessons she has learnt and her top tips.

Global Futurist – Gustavo Rota

This week Global Futurist interview Gustavo Rota is The Top Person Ambassador NL, Coach, Speaker & Founder of the BBC Metho.

He specialises in empowering expats to thrive. Gustavo Rota has founded, directed, and managed several organizations and individuals worldwide while guiding each one of them to thrive and achieve Immediate Growth in all personal and professional aspects of life.

34+ years as an Expat while doing business and building powerful connections all over the world, Gustavo gained international hands-on knowledge by coaching teams from different cultures and backgrounds to maximize their performance.

Global Futurist – David Wood

Here he shares his journey and the insights he has learned along the way to achieve a winning mindset

This week Global Futurist interview David Wood is a futurist, catalyst, author, singularitarian. After a roller-coaster career as a pioneer of the smartphone industry – including co-founding Symbian in 1998 – David is now a full-time futurist speaker, analyst, commentator, and writer.

Focussed on potential radical transformations in society and humanity – transformations enabled by accelerating technological disruption and mediated by social and political reaction. The author or lead editor of nine books – see My most recent book is “RAFT 2035”. Previous books include “The Abolition of Aging”, “Transcending Politics”, and “Sustainable Superabundance”.

In 2009 was included in T3’s list of “100 most influential people in technology”.

Here he shares his journey so far and his thoughts for the future.

Global Futurist – Rohit Talwar

This week Global Futurist interview key futurist Rohit Talwar. Rohit is a global futurist, strategic advisor, and CEO of Fast Future. Through his speaking, consultancy, research, and publishing, he advises global leaders on how to anticipate and navigate an uncertain future.

Rohit focuses on how we can bring innovative responses to leadership and talent development, strategy, business models, organization design, products and services, and technology. Fast Future explores, experiments with, and creates powerful future ideas and scenarios.

The goal is to deliver critical insights to the individuals and businesses that want to consider and create a better future. Fast Future’s books and newsletter provide insightful and thought-provoking content and profile the latest thinking of established and emerging futurists, foresight researchers, and future thinkers from around the world. Fast Future’s forthcoming book ‘Aftershocks and Opportunities: Scenarios for a Pot-Pandemic Future’ will be published on June 1st, 2020. To learn more, visit:

Global Futurist – Luke Murfitt

This week on Global Futurist we hear from co-host Luke Murfitt, International Keynote Speaker, Global Ambassador for Awards International, Integrity Virus Control Director, International Author #1 Best Seller and Podcaster.

Luke is a serial entrepreneur who uses his Parkinson’s as a catalyst rather than an anchor.

In this weeks episode he takes us on his journey to success and how he ensures he has a winning mindset and is getting ready for the future.

Global Futurist – Kirsten De Bouter

This week on Global Futurist we interview the fabulous Kirsten De Bouter Shillam, a Business mentor, author and speaker, who stands for doing work and life differently. I am director of 2 tech companies. The greatest strength of people and organisations should be their ability to be agile, meet new requirements and evolve. Kirsten works with clients to find their itch and with companies to find their edge. Her background is in psychology and corporate coaching, working in this arena for over 25 years with hundreds of individuals, in organisations such as Oracle, TomTom, Teva, Qualcomm and the Police, in universities and with countless entrepreneurs.

Today she shares her journey, philosophy and how she lives her unloved life

Global Futurist – Sudhana Singh

This week on Global Futurist we have the pleasure of interviewing award-winning author, publisher and Brand storyteller Sudhana Singh. Sudhana founded Imbue in 2015 after changing careers. Her only certainty was that she brought not one, but two USPs: the first is the ability to fail. In spectacular fashion. The other is to get back up and rebrand. This resilience has seen Sudhana reinvent herself and our brand many times. In fact, such was the scale of her failures, that she felt the need to write my memoir. And in doing so, Imbue’s mission: Rewriting Your Narrative was born.

Today Sudhana shares some of her challenges and her successes and her tips for achieving a positive mindset

Global Futurist – Adrianne Carter

This week Global Futurist is delighted to be speaking with the fabulous Adrianne Carter aka The Face Whisperer

Instrumental in developing cutting edge research methodologies to gain insight into emotion and behaviour for the last 20 years.

Using techniques to go beyond what people say or can’t verbalise, to get to what they really feel or know. Used to help brands, marketers, hr. and others to uncover the truth and understand emotions, emotional connections and behaviour.

Adrianne started her own company to deliver high-end marketing analysis, training and keynote speeches. Having worked with global brands Coca Cola; L’Oreal, Disney, Unilever, Samaritans and guest lectures on consumer psychology, Adrianne has seen her work in over 20 different countries. Adrianne is a regular contributor to the national press and tv.

Today she shares her journey, the opportunities and challenges and her tips for a winning mindset.

Goal Setting for Success

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