Life in the Battlefield Interview with Kim-Adele

Life in the Battlefield

Life in the Battlefield with Mario Bekes.

Life in the Battlefield with Mario Bekes.

I was delighted to be a guest on the fabulous Life in the Battlefield Podcast with Mario Bekes.

Turning the Impossible into the Possible!

No doubt you were told not to believe in fairy tales because after all, you should be serious and act according to your age.

I  would like to share with you that fairy tale stories do come true and  that it takes a lot of sacrifice, hard work and suffering, with many setbacks. Proof to that is my guest Kim-Adele Randall.

I am  truly honoured for being able to interview Kim-Adele Randall for my  podcast “Life The Battlefield” who shared her story from “Victim to  Victor”!

Kim started her career as a hairdresser and spoke about why she later was afraid that people, #clients and peers would find out that she was hairdresser.

Kim’s #career led her to #executive positions across #financial and banking institutions in the UK and globally. In interview with Kim, we discussed the following:

⚠ Belief – why it is the greatest gift to all leaders

✅  Importance of having an exit strategy from your own business

✅  Why having a child was a gift to Kim’s leadership role

✅  Importance of Listening Thank you Kim for being my guest and for being able to share your story from “Victim to Victor”.

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