Mastermindset Issue 34

Mastermindset Issue 34

In this week’s Newsletter:

·     Authentic Achievements Episode 8 with Special Guest Phill Robinson

·     Kim-adele Randall won Extraordinary Entrepreneur of the Year

·     What is Your Story? Brand Or Fail?

·     Demystifying change in the Tech World with Special Guest Nicolas Babin

Authentic Achievements Episode 8 with Special Guest Phill Robinson

In this episode, Kim-Adele was delighted to be joined by an old friend and colleague Phill Robinson. Simultaneous with his appointment as the CEO of a large International Software Company, Phill was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. After the initial shock, Phill has become a Parkinson’s activist focused on removing the disease’s stigma, he also Chairs the Development Board of Cure Parkinsons, which focused on a cure in the next five years. Phill discusses authenticity and vulnerability as attributes of inspirational leadership. You can find out more about Cure Parkinson’s at and for more information on Broadwave get into touch with Phill at #leadership #authenticachievements #cureparkinsons

Kim-adele Randall won Extraordinary Entrepreneur of the Year  

The award was given to Kim-adele from the Speakers Are Leaders Awards. Thanks to Lily Patrascu and Harry Sardinas for such an honour.

When Kim-adele heard that she had won the Extraordinary Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Speakers Are Leaders Awards, she was absolutely over the moon. This recognition meant so much to her and to the team at Legacy Media Hub, not only because it acknowledged her hard work and dedication, but also because it was given by my esteemed colleagues in the speaker community. Lily Patrascu and Harry Sardinas, who are both incredible speakers in their own right, they put a lot of thought and effort into choosing this year’s winners, and they believed that Kim-adele truly deserved this honour.

The truth is, Kim has always been passionate about starting her own business. Even as a young child, she couldn’t resist building up little enterprises with my friends – we would sell lemonade on hot summer days or make elaborate greeting cards to give to our families. As an adult, that entrepreneurial spirit has never left me. Nowadays, Kim-adele puts her talents and creativity to work within numerous businesses. Whether she is working with Fortune 500 companies or small non-profit organizations, each project is exciting and challenging in its own way. And knowing that my achievements have been recognized by such respected role models as Lily and Harry makes it all feel even more special.

What is Your Story? Brand Or Fail?

What is your story? I hear so many stories from people, marketers call themselves storytellers these days, personal brand specialists ask this question too!

The question is are you going to build your business brand or your personal brand or both or fail?

We are able to craft stories to engage people to encourage people to buy into us.

So of course like I said the first question is, what is your story?

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Demystifying change in the Tech World with Special Guest Nicolas Babin

Technology change is something that is always happening. It can be hard to keep up with the latest trends and understand how they will impact your business. That’s why we’re excited to have Nicolas Babin as our first guest for the first episode in this series.

Nicolas has a wealth of experience helping companies navigate technology change. He’ll be sharing his insights on what businesses need to do to stay ahead of the curve and why people should always come first when it comes to technology change. So whether you’re a business owner or decision maker, tune in to this episode of the “Influential Visions Podcast” to get the inside scoop on demystifying change in the tech world.

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Kim-adele, Nathaniel and the Team

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