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·     Authentic Achievements Episode 4 with Special Guest Asaf Nevo

·     Why You Need Resilience to Achieve Your Goals: Build Business Acumen 67 – Interview with Nathaniel Schooler and Nelly Shein

·     What is Personal Branding? by Nathaniel Schooler

·     Episode 1 of the new USA Global TV show Authentic Achievements starring Dr. Jacalyn Kerbeck and Kim-Adele Randall

Authentic Achievements Episode 4 with Special Guest Asaf Nevo 

In this episode, I am delighted to be joined by Asaf Nevo CEO & co-founder of Pico – Get personal, data-driven SaaS marketing platform helping brands across the globe identify and engage their digital audience.

After opening and operating a successful night-life company where he found interesting ways to intersect tech into the night-life space, Nevo decided to focus on tech full time which is when Pico was developed and launched.

Nevo and his team of founders are revolutionizing consumer-marketing and in turn, consumer experiences. With 80+ international clients, Pico is leading the industry shift in consumer marketing, data management, and creating opportunities for personalized experiences that strengthen and encourage relationships. To find out more on how your brand can collect first party data visit their website:

If you want to find out more check us out at or

Why You Need Resilience to Achieve Your Goals: Build Business Acumen 67

It is a well-known fact that people who are more intelligent and creative tend to be less resilient. This is because they often get frustrated much quicker than other people, and this can lead to major setbacks in life.

It’s not enough just to have high intelligence or creativity; you also need resilience as an important factor in order for your goals to become reality. In this article and podcast, Nelly Shein and Nathaniel Schooler discuss how you can build up your resilience so that it becomes easier for you to achieve any goal you set out for yourself.

When setting goals, it’s not always about being the best or achieving the biggest and most impressive milestones.

When setting goals, it’s not always about being the best or achieving the biggest and most impressive milestones. Often, what’s more important is how you respond when things don’t go according to plan. In other words, resilience matters.

Without it, you’ll crumble under pressure and give up when things get tough. But with resilience, you’re able to pick yourself up after a failure and keep moving forward until you reach your goal. So if you want to achieve your goals, you need to cultivate resilience in yourself.

In life, there will always be obstacles and challenges both in your personal life and in business. We have a saying: “When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going” is a 1985 song co-written and originally recorded by English singer Billy Ocean in 1985.

What is Personal Branding? (by Nathaniel Schooler)

Personal branding is much more than just creating a catchy slogan and slapping it on a tote bag. It’s about building an image that people can trust and turning that image into something transformative. It’s about being innovative and evolving with the times. If you’re looking to create a personal brand that stands out from the rest, keep these tips in mind.

If you do not have a plan for your life or a vision then I recommend you read this article: Ultimate Guide To Goal Setting To Ensure 100 % Success. It certainly is ok to put your life goals together after your personal brand although that will mean you may need to adjust it later on to be more in line with those goals.

Episode 1 of USA Global TV show Authentic Achievements starring Dr Jacalyn Kerbeck and Kim-Adele Randall

Dr. Jacalyn Kerbeck & Kim-Adele Randall celebrate the authentic achievements of our guests. Join us for life-changing inspiration Fridays @6 am PST/ 8 am CST/9 am EST/ 2 pm GMT. In this first episode Dr Jacalyn and Kim-Adele discuss how the series came about and how to overcome obstacles to achieve your goals.

If you would like to join Dr Jacalyn and Kim-adele as a guest book here

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Kim-adele, Nathaniel and the Team

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