Mastermindset Newsletter Issue 22

Mastermindset Newsletter Issue 22

In this weeks newsletter:

Announcing More New Podcasts From Our Legacy Media Hub

Authentic Achievements Episode 3 with Special Guest Gavin Snell

Acquiring Resilience: Build Business Acumen Podcast 64

Keeping Your Feet on the Ground with Mike Tobin OBE: Personal Branding for Business Success

“The only limits in our lives are the ones we impose on ourselves” Bob Proctor

In the week where we sadly lost Bob Proctor it felt apt to use one of his quotes.

Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

Authentic Achievements Episode 3 with Special Guest Gavin Snell

In this episode, Kim-Adele was delighted to be joined by Gavin Snell CEO of WorkNest. Gavin is a champion of collaboration, inclusivity and the power of people, and his journey is compelling. In a career spanning 3 completely different industries and 5 different geographies, he brings a wealth of experience in leading successful growth businesses and maintains that it all starts with trust and empowerment.

Acquiring Resilience: Build Business Acumen Podcast 64

As part of a forthcoming book launch, we have created a series of audios to introduce the topic and here is part one “acquiring resilience” we really hope it delivers value. Our book will be released later this year which will also cover business resilience.

We hope this adds value and please share if you agree.

Keeping Your Feet on the Ground with Mike Tobin OBE: Personal Branding for Business Success

Mike Shares His Personal Branding Strategies

In terms of personal branding helping him in his career, it was incredible for him personally and synonymous with the businesses success. He had a caricature of himself on a business card and through an app called Blippar his character would pop up and start talking to you through your phone.

It had an image of him with his shirt open three buttons down, he still wears the same necklace today. Another one of his business cards had Mike on it and if you needed any more information he probably didn’t want to speak to you anyway!

When presenting the results for the company people would ask

if his shirt buttons were done up or open and not even attend the briefing. He would leave the three buttons undone if the results were good and only one was open if they were not as good.

Personal Branding is All About Personality

We agreed personal branding is about personality and how that plays into the businesses he is involved with is crucial.

You are always selling yourself first, personal branding is so important because you can be selling anything or doing anything at work, and you are still always selling yourself; it is about building confidence and trust and creating a sense of trust between you and someone else.

Announcing: Our new series of interviews, please DM me if you would like to be featured in one of our podcasts, we have been blessed to have interviewed people from many of the world’s top brands. Thanks to everyone who has supported our podcasting efforts over the last couple of years.

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Kim-adele, Nathaniel and the Team

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